Complete telecommunication solutions

MinervaTel offers location-independent telephone and call center solutions allowing you to communicate in a professional and cost-effective way even if there is just one user.

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Virtual Telephone Exchange

Virtual Telephone Exchange
Setting up your unique telephone system

Use our cloud-based service! MinervaTel offers a complete PBX solution:

  • Monthly fees that you can deduct as costs - no investments, loyalty periods or obligations
  • No need to buy a PBX - the system can be expanded to handle several hundred extensions

Do you have a special need? We assess it, design it, develop it and deliver it! Multiple sites, complicated system? We do it within your budget!

Call center operable
with even one person

Serving customers efficiently and professionally should not only be a concern for big companies.

MinervaTel offers a call center solution that can be run by even one employee. Boost the performance of your business and lower your communication costs in one step without ever changing your business processes/plan.

Win new clients, strengthen your market position and make your business communication processes more effective by using MinervaTel solutions.

Call Center
International calling number

International phone number
and phone line services

Do you need international phone numbers or international phone lines?

We offer phone numbers with the area codes of 5000 cities in 65 countries and; the number of concurrent call channels available ranges from 2 to 120.

  • Phone numbers with global coverage:
    • 5000 Cities in
    • 65 Countries on
    • 3 Continents
  • Receive calls from anywhere with no per-minute charges
  • You can call any number at local call costs - just as if you were using your local subscription plan

Save on local telephone

Choose your favorite providers for our telephone exchange and call center solutions! You can use our system and keep your own phone numbers.

Browse the offers from our telecom partners and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Lowering local telephone

Virtual GSM adapter
Mobile bridge solution

The MinervaTel system has mobile-trunk connectivity to most mobile phone carriers. Switch from your costly GSM service, which is limited in function, to virtual mobile trunks and enjoy the advantages of low mobile rates and additional services.

Virtual GSM adapter
Monthly paid telephone solutions

Telephony as Software as a Service
for a monthly fee even for one user
without investment or loyalty periods

You can use MinervaTel solutions for a monthly fee; there is no investment or loyalty period. We've considered small businesses as well and offer solutions that can be managed by a single user.

We offer flexible and easily upgraded systems. Pay as you go - you only pay for what you use and what you need.

Complete management,
online interface anytime, anywhere

  • Easy to use multilingual web interface
  • Reliable and safe
  • Statistics, reports, call recording, quality assurance
  • Built-in reports and uniquely developed, customized metrics
Complete management
Quality and reliability

Quality and reliability

The MinervaTel system runs in professional server rooms at data centers with high availability:

  • Dedicated 1000 Mbps network bandwidth
  • 220 Gbps international bandwidth
  • 24-hour monitoring service
  • Regular daily and weekly backups
  • Bug report and technical support

For the security of the system, and to prevent unauthorized entry, all access is encrypted and identified. Customers only have access to their own customer data while the provider guarantees full secrecy regarding all generated data.